A proud moment for Samphire as we extend our professional expertise into Europe! πŸŽ‰

With our customs office in Lesquin, France, Samphire Cargo offers a true
end-to-end customs experience with formalities undertaken at all major
French ports and airports.
Fast response Customs Clearance
Incoming shipments to France by air, sea or road freight from outside
the EU, require customs clearance. With our investment in new
technologies linked to government systems, the experienced team
at Samphire Cargo can assist with a variety of customs procedures.
Importing using the SMART Border
To help reduce delays in your supply chain, the EU frontier SMART
border with Regime 40/42, specifically in Calais, Eurotunnel or Dunkerque
port is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to accelerate their
cross-border shipments. By deferring the payment of Import VAT and
duties, carriers can proceed without delay and importers can avoid
having to make large payments up front, often against the clock.
Exporting from France with ease
Exporting from France to the UK or any other non-EU country is simple
using our expert team who are on hand to provide customs documentation
and clearance, ensuring frictionless passage to the point of exit.

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