Samphire Cargo provides Export Customs Clearance for all goods leaving the UK under the form of an EAD (Export Accompanying Document) applicable for any destination. An EAD provides proof from the competent customs office that the export has been permitted to progress by the UK Customs Authorities.

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Export declarations for goods departing all UK Ports and Airports

EAD’s are also used for satisfying the requirements for various customs regimes including Bond, IPR & OPR as well as satisfying license requirements laid down by the EU and UK Customs Authorities.

Many movements also require an NCTS Transit to accompany the goods. This is to guarantee the customs charges (VAT, Duty, and excise duty if applicable).

We operate a Community Transit Guarantee to enable Exporters to move T1 Status goods (or T2 Transit) from the UK. Use of our guarantee is available to clients meeting certain criteria.

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