Preparations for the end of the transition period

At the end of the Transition Period, the UK will leave the EU and the Customs Union. From 1st January 2021 this will mean that Import and Export formalities on goods moving to and from the UK will immediately be mandatory. Many other regulations in respect of origin, quality and safety of goods will also immediately apply. The EU is standing firm on immediately applying all regulations on all goods moving in and out of the EU in line with other third Countries dealing with them. This will mean that for export shipments moving from the UK to EU Countries we will require export declarations to be completed to enable shipments to proceed.

Export Requirements

A commercial invoice and booking form should be completed and sent to Samphire Cargo for each shipment. Some information may not be known by the shipper, but they could ask the buyer, so it makes the booking/shipment process easier both here in the UK and in the destination Country. A commercial invoice must be received at the time of booking to enable a collection to proceed. If a collection is made without a commercial invoice, it is on the understanding that should a commercial invoice not be provided prior to collection is made, additional costs may be incurred from the carrier/ haulier.

A commercial invoice should be provided by the shipper showing the following information:

  1. Buyer
  2. Seller
  3. VAT number for both UK seller and buyer in EU Country
  4. Goods description
  5. Commodity code
  6. Packages
  7. Weight
  8. Terms of shipment.

In addition to the commercial invoice, we will also need a Direct Authorisation Form to be completed and signed to authorise Samphire Cargo Ltd to issue an export entry on behalf of the exporter. This needs to be provided only once and will be considered as a standing authorisation. The authorisation can be withdrawn only in writing to Samphire Cargo Ltd.

Click here for the full guide to how The Border with the European Union will work after the transition period.